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Substrate Materials
We frequently work with Dupont Kapton polyimide substrates for resistive thin films. Other common substrates are polyester (Mylar), non-woven glass mats and fiberglass fabrics.

Coating Materials
The typical thin film materials we use for resistive coatings are aluminum, nichrome, constantan, gold, indium tin oxide and various alloys. Many other coatings are available upon request. These materials are usually applied using a sputter deposition process.

Constant Resistivity Coatings
These coatings can range from 2.0 ohms/square to 1,500 ohms/square and have a standard tolerance of (+/-) 10%. Tolerances of (+/-) 5% and (+/-) 3% are available cross web and down web. Materials up to 48 inches wide can be supplied in roll form or pieces.

Gradient Resistivity Coatings
These coatings can be supplied in ranges from 2.0 ohms/square to 3,000 ohms/square, tailored to your resistance curve. This resistance range is available on webs 2.0 inches to 24 inches wide. The gradients are achieved by composition and thickness control. This allows for a continuous gradient and the option to have "flat" constant resistance regions at either edge of the web. Dual tapers are also available in widths 6.0 inches to 24 inches wide.

Radial Gradient Resistivity Coatings
Radial gradients or tapers are available on films from 4.0 to 24 inches in diameter. The resistivity can be controlled to increase from the outside diameter toward the center or visa versa.

Pattern Coating
The resistive coatings can be patterned in sheet sizes up to 24 inches x 48 inches or in rolls 24 inches wide. We use a laser etching process and have produced patterns as small as 100 micron grids with 13 micron spacing. Any pattern that can be drawn on paper can be reproduced in coated material.

Rigid Substrates
Rigid substrates up to 24 inches in diameter or diagonal can be coated with thin film resistive materials. Please contact us for more details.

Infra-red Films
Multi-layer dielectric filters can be produced up to 24 inches wide and tailored to your application. We can also combine infrared materials, such as germanium, with our resistive or laser etched products. Please contact us for more details.

Electrical Characterization
Electrical performance is verified using various DC probes and with a non contact eddy-current device. We also have access to an outside laboratory that can perform RF measurements over the range of 2 - 18 Gigahertz.

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